Mental Health

Mental Health

CompleteCare Health Network has recognized the need for more mental health care in the communities we serve. We are continuously working to bring more services and providers to the area to help meet the needs of our patients.

Currently CompleteCare offers:

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric care at CompleteCare provides a more in-depth mental healthcare service to our patients. Our providers have the ability to diagnose and provide both treatment and prescription medications for people with all types of mental illness. The program will incorporate medication management with counseling to give patients comprehensive mental health care that treats their illness holistically.


Counseling Services

Our Counseling Services offer comprehensive one-on-one sessions with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker giving patients the ability to use therapy to work on all types of problems they may face.


Addiction Services

CompleteCare’s Fresh Start Program was designed to help combat the growing opioid epidemic in our communities. The program works with patients to treat their addiction holistically, incorporating the physical and mental healthcare needed to help patients overcome addiction and lead a more healthy lifestyle.