Insurance & Billing Assistance

If you are uninsured CompleteCare Health Network has a team of specially-trained counselors who can meet with you to discuss your health insurance coverage options.

Certified Application Counselors (CACs)

Specializing in NJ FamilyCare and the Health Insurance Marketplace applications, our CACs can help you find a health insurance plan that meets your healthcare needs. They are available to simply answer questions or work with you to complete applications and file appeals and exemptions. These services are free.


Anthony Morales



Access to Care Counselors

Many CompleteCare locations offer on-the-spot help applying for coverage. This includes NJFamily Care and our sliding fee scale program.

Most patients will meet with a member of our Access to Care Counselor team before their first visit. This service is free.


On-Site NJ FamilyCare Employees

Some CompleteCare locations in Cumberland County offer the convenience of having representatives from the Cumberland County Board of Social Services on-site to assist with Medicaid enrollment. These employees can also help resolve issues with Medicaid and check on the status of applications.


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