How To & Tips


Tips to Make Your Telemedicine Visit Great!

Before Your Call:

  • Make sure you are home, in a quiet spot where you have good phone service and can speak openly and freely about your health. 
  • Do not take the call in a crowded location, others could overhear your private health information.
  • Write down your reason for the visit and questions you might have for the provider.
  • Sit still! If you wander around your home you may lose connection with your provider.
  • Make sure your phone is not set to block calls from private numbers. CompleteCare may call from one.
  • Make sure your phone is charged and has enough power for the call.


When it is time for your call:

Make note of the date and time of your telemedicine visit and have your phone nearby. Your provider will call as close to your appointment time as possible, however if other calls run long they may be a little late.

Step 1) When your provider is ready you will receive a text message alert that looks like this.

Telemedicine How to Tips: Step 1
Directions: Click the secure link in the text alert message.


Step 2) Your next screen will look like this. Complete the form by following the directions below this image.

Telemedicine How to Tips: Step 2
Directions: Input your NAME, ADDRESS & DATE OF BIRTH. When finished, click the Confirm & View Message button.


Step 3) The next notice will ask you to join the call which will look like this.

Telemedicine How to Tips: Step 3
Directions: Click the JOIN CALL button.


Step 4) You will then be asked to begin the secure call.

Telemedicine How to Tips: Step 4
Directions: Click the START Button.


Step 5) Your appointment will soon begin and you will see this screen. You will need to give permission to be able to see, talk to and hear your provider.

Telemedicine How to Tips: Step 5
Directions: Click ALLOW to allow access to your microphone and camera.


Step 6) Congratulations! You should now be joined to the call. You will see yourself in the small box and your provider in the larger area and should appear similar to the image below.

Telemedicine How to Tips: Step 6
Directions: When your appointment is finished, your provider will end the appointment or you may click the red button to end your appointment early.


Optional: Step 7) After your call you will see a snapshot of your visit. You can send a follow up message to your provider if needed.

Telemedicine How to Tips: Step 7
Directions: If you need to send a follow up message your provider, click on the "Type a Message" link.