CompleteCare Health Network Adds Psychiatric Care to Their Mental Health Program

CompleteCare Health Network Adds Psychiatric Care to Their Mental Health Program

CompleteCare Health Network is pleased to announce that they will now offer their patients psychiatric services as part of the company”s expanding mental health program. The service was added in early October and will be overseen by veteran CompleteCare nurse practitioner, Chris Simkins PMHNP–C, FNP–C who is certified in both family practice and psychiatry.

“Working in family practice for many years I saw firsthand the struggles that individuals and families were facing and the problems that untreated mental health issues caused them,” said Simkins. “I also noted the limited resources for patient access into mental health services, which is why expanding what we can do for our patients at CompleteCare made a lot of sense.”

Adding psychiatric care will allow CompleteCare to become a more in–depth service provider for mental healthcare with the ability to diagnose and provide both treatment and prescription medications for people with all types of mental illness.

The program lets patients age four and up to seek treatment for disorders including generalized anxiety, depression, attention (ADD/ADHD), personality disorders and various chronic psychiatric illnesses.

Simkins will work closely with the primary care providers and licensed clinical social workers at CompleteCare to both identify patients and also provide holistic care that seeks to treat the patient both mentally and physically.

“Our goal is to identify the people in need of care and get them into treatment quickly,” said Simkins. “It is important for people and families to embrace the fact that people do suffer from mental illness and they shouldn”t just sweep their feelings under the carpet. In most cases it can be easily treated; however, when left untreated mental disorders can impact families, jobs, education, and lead to dramatic long–term effects.”

Currently, CompleteCare's psychiatric services are housed it their Millville Medical & Dental Professionals site located at 1200 North High Street, however patients referred from any CompleteCare provider at any location can schedule an appointment. Additionally, counseling services are available at multiple CompleteCare locations in Cape May, Cumberland, and Gloucester County.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more call 856–451–4700 or visit