CompleteCare Women’s Health Services offer superior care for women of all ages. In addition to prenatal care we offer postpartum services, well women’s and a pantheon of specialized services that meet a woman’s needs at every stage of life. Services include:

  • Specializing In:
  • • Well Women’s Care
  • • Pre & Post Menopausal Care
  • • Contraceptive Care
  • • Colposcopy
  • • LEEPS
  • • Hysterectomy
  • • Essure

“CompleteCare allows so many patients that would not otherwise have access to healthcare to receive it and they get the same care quality of care no matter who they are. I can order the exact same tests for a patient that has insurance as for a patient that doesn’t. That allows me to practice medicine the way that I see fit without having to compromise.”

– Dr. Satinderpal Sandhu, MD