Baby Love Program

The CompleteCare Baby Love Program was designed to pamper you. From the moment you learn that you’re pregnant, we’ll shower you with top-notch care and special gifts throughout every step of your journey to becoming a Mommy. You only need to schedule and attend your regular office visits.


Step One:
Your Positive Pregnancy Test

Congratulations! The greatest gift you could ever receive is growing inside of you. But we’d like to give you an additional gift—a FREE Dental Visit— to ready your teeth for the first smile your baby will ever see.

Step Two:
Your 8-12 Week Visit

To reward you for all the good you do for your baby, we’d like to return the favor. At this visit, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Certificate for some well-deserved retail therapy.

Step Three:
Your 12-16 Week Visit

What does baby look like now? You’ll find out with an ultrasound picture. At this visit, we’ll provide you with a Specially Designed Frame to showcase your little one’s first portrait.

Step Four:
Your 16-20 Week Visit

Now that your pregnancy is in full swing, it’s time for some pampering! At this visit, you’ll receive a soothing Spa Pedicure Kit and some Extra Cozy Socks for those tough days on your feet.

Step Five:

Your 24 Week Visit

By now, you’re probably starting to wonder how you’ll care for your newborn. No need to panic! We’re giving you the best-selling book, What to Expect the First Year, that answers all of the common questions raised by new parents.

Step Six:
Your 28 Week Visit

You’ll be amazed how quickly your baby will change from week-to-week, and even day-to-day. To help you capture all those precious moments, we’ll give you a Disposable Digital Camera AND Photo Album at this visit.

Step Seven:
Your 32 Week Visit

People are probably saying you look radiant…
it’s time to feel radiant too! At this visit, we’ll present you with a Gift Certificate for a Professional Manicure. You’ll be glowing all the way to your fingertips!

Step Eight:
Your 36 Week Visit

You’re in the home stretch, and now is a great time to relax and indulge yourself from head-to-toe. At this visit, you’ll receive a sumptuous Bath & Body Works Gift Card.

Step Nine:
Your 40 Week Visit

Any day now, you’ll be welcoming your little bundle of joy! Let us be the first to give your baby a gift—a soft bib AND sock set to help your sweet one stay clean, warm and comfortable right from the start.

Step Ten:
Your Postpartum Visit

Make the best of your sleepless nights as parent to a newborn with this gift set of a New Mommy Mug AND a box of Sleepytime Herbal Tea.

Step Eleven:
First Pediatric Visit

We’ve been saving the best gift for last! At your baby’s first pediatric visit, you’ll receive a Pack-n-Play Portable Crib! Now your baby will have a safe and cozy place to sleep when visiting friends and family.